Ángel de la Cruz (June 12, 1963, Spain) got in touch with cinema in 1993 as decoration assistant of Félix Murcia in ‘Tirano Banderas’. He started his activity as scriptwriter and director in 1995-97 with the trilogy ‘Sitcom Show’, ‘Paranoia Digital’ and ‘Más difícil todavía’, produced by the Image and Sound School in A Coruña.

Ángel de la Cruz

Since then, he's been working as director, producer or scriptwriter in several film productions, such as the feature film ‘Los muertos van deprisa’ (Lost in Galicia, 2009) or the animation films ‘El bosque animado, sentirás su magia’ (The living forest, 2001) and ‘El sueño de una noche de San Juan’ (Midsummer night, 2005). Both films were awarded Goyas of the Spanish Academy of Arts and Cinematographic Sciences. In 2011 he co-wrote the script of ‘Arrugas’ (Wrinkles, 2011), based on the popular comic by Paco Roca. With this film, he was awarded the Goya 2012 for the Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Animation Film.

As a writer, he published ‘El cuento del aval’ (several authors, Ir indo, 2000) and the novels ‘Compostellanum’ (Editorial Mandaio , 2004) and ‘O descenso do derradeiro ocaso’, which was awarded the prize of the 4th edition of Relatos por Entregas de La Voz de Galicia (Sotelo Blanco, first edition: 2005, second edition: 2007).

In 2014 he founded Ladybug Films SL, producer of the animated feature film "Memoirs of a man in pajamas", based on the same title Paco Roca's comic. In addition to executive producer, Ángel de la Cruz is also co-writer with Paco himself and Diana López Varela.