Despite an early love for cinema, Ángel de la Cruz (A Coruña, 1963) did not initiate his film career until he turned 30, working as a production design assistant to Félix Murcia in “Tirano Banderas” (1993, José Luis García Sánchez). Since then, he has combined his work as a director/executive producer in diverse audiovisual productions for film and television with screenplay writing.

A multiple, international award recipient for many of his writing and directing efforts, he won his third Goya (Spain’s Oscar) for Best Adapted Screenplay of the animated feature “Wrinkles” (2012, Ignacio Ferreras), conferred by the Spanish Academy of Cinema Arts and Sciences. He previously won the Goya prize for Best Animated Feature with “The living forest” (2001), “Midsummer Dream” (2005), which he directed, and “Wrinkles” (2012).

Throughout the years, Ángel de la Cruz has crafted a unique style and methodology, perfected and imparted in numerous masters’ programs, workshops, seminars and courses held at universities and film schools around the world. His writing approach and advice have been compiled in a screenplay-writing guide titled “La escalera de papel” published in 2016. An English version of the book is scheduled for next year.