He got in touch with cinema in 1993 as decoration assistant of Félix Murcia in “Tirano Banderas” (José Luís García Sánchez, 1993) and then in “Crucifixion Island”, (John Gugolka, 1994). From 1995 to 1997 he wrote and directed the trilogy of short films “Sitcom Show“, “Digital Paranoia” and “Even Harder“.

El bosque animado, sentirás su magia” (The living forest, 2001) was his first feature  film as scriptwriter and director, pre-selected as an Oscar® 2002 candidate for Best Animated Feature by Hollywood’s Academy of the Arts and Cinematographic Sciences. Then, he directed “El sueño de una noche de San Juan” (Midsummer Dream, 2005), which was inspired in the play ‘Midsummer night dream’ by William Shakespeare. Both films were awarded the Goya 2002 and 2006 of the Spanish Academy of Arts and Cinematographic Sciences.

In 2008, he produced, wrote and directed his first fiction film titled “Los muertos van deprisa” (Lost in Galicia, 2009).

As a scriptwriter and executive producer, he presented “Arrugas” (Wrinkles, 2011) by Ignacio Ferreras, based on the popular Spanish comic by Paco Roca. With this film, he was awarded the Goya 2012 for the Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Animation Film, he was pre-selected as an Oscar® 2011 candidate for Best Animated Feature by Hollywood’s Academy of the Arts and Cinematographic Sciences and nominated to 39th Annie Awards 2011 for Best Animated Feature.

In 2013, he produced “Querida Gina” (Dear Gina, 2014), a documentary directed by Susana Sotelo, and “Todos os Santos” (All Saints Day, 2013), a TV Movie for Galician Television directed by Chema Gagino. In 2018 he was producer and screenwriter of the animated film “Memorias de un hombre en pijama” (Memoirs of a man in pajamas”, 2018), directed by Carlos Fernández about an adaptation of Paco Roca’s comic book of the same title.

Currently, he is the director and screenwriter of the feature film “O home e o can” (The Man and the Dog, 2022)

Throughout the years, Ángel de la Cruz has crafted a unique style and methodology, perfected and imparted in numerous masters’ programs, workshops, seminars and courses held at universities and film schools around the world. His writing approach and advice have been compiled in a screenplay-writing guide titled “La escalera de papel” published in 2016.